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excellent service - especially for NRL's!
- Nadeem Hussain 5 2 months ago
You guys have been an amazing help in the process and I will highly recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks a lot for all your help and see you again for the next self assessment.
- Josephine Roloff 5 4 months ago
I used your form last year so did so again this year - all seems to work fine and quite easy to follow with the guidance notes. Many thanks - oh and good price!
- Sandra Mudie 5 4 months ago
Excellent value for money and customer service!
- Rina Wen 5 9 months ago
it was a very efficient process and i would definitely recommend this to other people.
- David Edwards 5 2 months ago
Good price, good experience considering the subject matter here.
- Steven Nicklin 5 3 months ago
I liked this process of using 123 E-Filing as it allowed me to complete my return as I could not sign into HMRC because my phone number had changed and there was no way to access my account. 123 E-Filing was a lifesaver and I will use this web based service for all my future UK Returns. Thanks for making it easy and providing clear and concise explanations for all required blocks.
- Boone Spencer 5 3 months ago
Satisfied with the process
- Sevyn Kalsi 4 5 months ago
As simple (nearly) as 123. Many thanks!
- Guillaume Cazals 5 6 months ago
Very simple for a first time taxpayer.
- Karolina Banasiak 5 6 months ago
I'm a none resident landlord and as such have difficulty choosing the appropriate software each year, this product is easy to use and costs very little in comparison to alternative providers. thank you
- Benjamin Ducker 5 7 months ago
caant believe I was doing paper returns for so long...! great service thanks
- Ross Brodie 5 3 months ago
Very easy and straight forward service.
- Eva Szabo 5 5 months ago
Amazing software for Non UK Resident. User friendly and simple.
- Craig Robert Farley 5 6 months ago
Excellent service and on-line support. Thank you
- gerwyn harkett 5 7 months ago
Wow, this was so easy. The accompanying notes for each line item were particularly useful. And the price is right!
- Paul Colwill 5 8 months ago
excellent thanks..makes it so easy
- deborah cotterell-kaloudi 5 1 month ago
Second time I've used this tool - better than HMRC themselves (by a long way) and wish you did software for Australia ;) Thanks guys.
- Paul Munkley 5 3 months ago
Very easy to follow step by step. The "How To" video helped me through the final stages which weren't as clear. Would definitely use again and recommend to others who need the service.
- Chris Grimes 5 6 months ago
I really struggled to get the return submitted via the HMRC website but found it so much easier on your software. Thanks a ton.
- Christopher Backwell 5 7 months ago
Fantastic- so easy to use as they say 123
- Sara Postings 5 6 months ago
Pretty easy to fill out, but not so easy when you need to activate the Government Gateway and you are overseas
- Michelle Vallei 5 1 month ago
Excellent software, easy to use with clear detailed notes for each box. Well worth the cost.
- David Smith 5 6 months ago
Easy system to follow particularly for a lay person. Very rapid response from 123 eFiling when I had questions. The explanatory notes could be even more specific.
- Maria-Jose Calamaro 4 7 months ago
- Paul Meehan 5 7 months ago

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finally a place that make taxes understandable ! gold star for you guys !!!
- thomas lloyd 5 4 months ago
Really simple to use, and so much easier than having to download software, etc. Best software I've used yet, and reasonable priced!
- Deborah Millington 5 4 months ago
A quick and easy way to submit my first tax return. Helpful video tutorials and online chat facility. I also like that you only pay a one off fee when you use the software rather than an annual fee. Thank you
- Mark Freeman 5 7 months ago
I used 123 E-Filing for the first time this year to complete a Partnership Account. I had a couple to things to check and was able to do this over the phone and using the chat line, and was given clear and simple information and help on both occasions. I found the whole process very easy to follow and will mostly certainly use it for my next account.
- Peter Ashton-Smith 5 4 months ago
Excellent service. I was having trouble with a partnership tax return so I called and the gentleman that answered the telephone was extremely helpful and solved my problem. Thank you
- Helen Whiley 5 4 months ago
All straightforward.
- Andrew Charlton 5 5 months ago
Brilliant software. Makes completing forms so much easier....
- Margaret Lawrence 5 6 months ago
This was better as it was the second one, and I learnt about double checking each UTR and ID.
- Gillian Fountain 5 4 months ago
Simple and easy to use, very happy with this service.
- Elaine Bound 4 7 months ago
- Miriam Finch 5 8 months ago
It was easy enough to understand
- Steven Livesey 4 1 month ago
- Denise Rutter 5 1 month ago
Really easy to use and hassle free. Great bit of software.
- Jamie Brown 5 6 months ago
very easy to use
- ian ettridge 5 7 months ago
Have used before, always easy
- Paul Jones 5 6 months ago
Great Website now going to do Other Tax Return This is the second year I have used this site
- Patricia Jago 5 1 month ago
found it easy to use.
- Rebecca Meiklejohn 5 1 month ago
Good, easy to use service.
- James Bridges 5 1 month ago
Saves me doing it on paper.
- Thomas Lewis 5 1 month ago
Easy to use!! Great again!!!
- Susan Neill 5 1 month ago
Very good
- Marina Barnes 5 1 month ago
Only one gripe... If you are submitting both Personal and Partnership returns - the front screen only allows one set of 'Gateway Log In Details' and 'UTR'... and so you have to remember to swap the data out when switching between the two.
- Craig Lancashire 4 2 months ago
very complicated to log in
- richard davis 3 2 months ago
Taken me ages to send this
- Kyle Winder 3 2 months ago
- David Stimpson 5 2 months ago
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