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SA100 feeds

great - love the live support chat
- Eleanor Slinger 5 3 hours ago
This was the easiest process EVER for doing my self assessments - I'll definitely be using this again!!!
- Rachel Porter 5 6 hours ago
Brilliant and easy - thank you for making it so simple
- Nick Beedles 5 9 hours ago
All went smoothly
- Dennis Petrie 5 10 hours ago
Easy to submit.
- NICOLE STILON 5 11 hours ago
Excellent piece of software. Easy to use and always available.
- Taorheed Aderogba 5 15 hours ago
I found this very helpful and easy to use. Thankyou
- Margaret Huaman 5 1 day ago
very easy to use and quick
- dean crawford 5 1 day ago
I have used 123 e filing for 3 years now and an very happy with the service. Thanks, Nick Kerrigan
- Nick Kerrigan 5 2 days ago
As fast and easy as can be hoped for! Thanks.
- George Major 5 2 days ago
As smooth as ever!! Thank you.
- Philip Lord 5 3 days ago
Very efficient and useful help boxes
- Camilla Rae 5 3 days ago
As easy as 123
- Janet Crompton 5 3 days ago
The process was simple, intuitive and easy to follow. I have used this software for 3 years and will continue to do so.
- Nicholas Forsey 5 3 days ago
it was easy to use. the notes were very helpful.
- Stuart Roberts 4 4 days ago
Good, clean, efficient service. Only way to reliably submit my tax return from overseas.
- Graham Holliday 5 5 days ago
Thanks so much for making this a smooth process. Much appreciated.
- Helena Paivi Suomi 5 6 days ago
What a fantastic service from 123-E Filing. Really easy to use software, very prompt and effective guidance for your experts that has enabled me to submit my return.
- John Waring 5 6 days ago
Very simple to use. Have submitted with you for 4 years. Highly recommended
- THOMAS WOOTTON 5 1 week ago
excellent support with some issues in filling the form. quickly and easily resolved by knowledgeable assistance from the chat function. Many thanks
- Simon nash 5 1 week ago
Third or fourth year using this service. Always an easy process with 123 e-filing. Thanks
- Stephen minto 5 1 month ago
Have been using for 3 years now and find it easy to complete and explanations helpful
- Lyndsey Mountain 5 9 months ago
I enjoy the ease of filing returns using 123 efiling. The explanation boxes to the right really do assist in completing the information. Thanks for whoever developed this software application.
- Boone Spencer 5 9 months ago
123 filing.com takes the stress out of submitting my tax return. It makes the process simple and easy to understand. I would really recomened this service to friends and family.
- David Edwards 5 9 months ago
I was dismayed when HMRC notified me that I would have to use commercial software to submit my return because I was not a UK tax resident (I E-filing live in New Zealand. In the event, using 123 E-Filing, it was wonderfully simple. The notes opposite each box on the forms were excellent. Chat help was good. Queries via email were answered promptly and links to HMRSC guidance were supplied where required. I can thoroughly recommend 123 E-Filing.
- David Wright 5 1 year ago

SA800 feeds

Really easy to use, very happy
- jay morgan 5 3 hours ago
great software so much better than the other software out there.
- David Hilton 5 7 hours ago
Lovely service will definitely use again
- Lisa Davies 5 9 hours ago
Very good, very easy to use, very helpful online chat
- Jerome Farrow 5 10 hours ago
Great online help
- Ian Dibble 5 12 hours ago
easy to follow
- Nicola Fraser 5 12 hours ago
Great! Thank you
- Samantha Thomas 5 1 day ago
Great service, very impressed, thank you
- Graham Bayne 5 1 day ago
Surprisingly straight forward and easy to follow, thanks.
- Peter Angel angel 5 2 days ago
Very easy to use and everything is clearly laid out Highly recommended
- Arno Osinga 5 2 days ago
Very User friendly and one of the most affordable providers
- Sonia Grant 5 2 days ago
Highly recommend this website for partnership tax returns, simple and easy to use with all the help and guidance you need.
- Ricky Simpson 5 3 days ago
Very easy
- Kelly Pallant 5 3 days ago
very easy process thank you
- karl stead 5 4 days ago
Very good and not complicated to file Tax return using 123 E-Filing software.
- Farid Kia 5 5 days ago
great service as always
- Holly Davies 5 6 days ago
Very Good, quick and simple.
- Mark Charlton 5 6 days ago
I used 123 filing last year as it was easy to use so I went straight back to you again this year. Good service
- Eileen Long 5 6 days ago
Amjad helped me with my return, he was wonderful extremely patient and super helpful. He is a credit to your company I can't thank him enough.
- Ellen Thomas 5 1 week ago
Hi 123 eFiling! I have used different software for the past few years and had alot of stress. I am honestly surprised how stress free and streamline your software is. All the technical stuff is in the background and the front user end is very user friendly! Thanks for making HMRC submission bearable! :-)
- Kellie Thomas 5 11 months ago
As always, easy to use, checked and submitted within 30 minutes! Thank you!
- Debra Wadsworth 5 1 year ago
This is the third year I have used your software and it is so nice to find it is the same as last year
- robert harvey 5 1 year ago
Super easy and a great system! Will keep coming back to 123efiling every year, great system.
- James Eastham 5 1 year ago
finally a place that make taxes understandable ! gold star for you guys !!!
- thomas lloyd 5 1 year ago
Really simple to use, and so much easier than having to download software, etc. Best software I've used yet, and reasonable priced!
- Deborah Millington 5 1 year ago

VAT feeds

Remarkably simple process
- ANTHONY RODWELL 5 4 hours ago
Very user friendly software
- Neil Scott 5 9 hours ago
still good
- Ronald Dolbear 5 10 hours ago
Very easy to submit the returns
- Asish Garg 5 2 days ago
Fast and simple
- Bernard Woodbridge 5 3 days ago
straight forward
- alan cowan 5 4 days ago
Excellent easy to use service - highly recommended
- MICHAEL WIGNAL 5 4 days ago
Simply to use clear version Many thanks, Helen
- Helen Young 5 4 days ago
I came across online your name i have just given a go! Truly great platform. My account was not set up correctly and live support give is excellent, immediately fixed and i have tried submitting first return..its as easy as eating cake...
- Rahul Patel 5 1 month ago
Nice and Easy As 123 as stated.
- Anwar UL HAQ 5 2 months ago
This was the first time I have filed my VAT return for MTD. Using 123 E-filing was incredibly straightforward and easy to use. I had dreaded how the whole process of MTD was going to work after being swamped with the many articles about the whole MTD process. Relieved to say it was simple! Strongly recommend choosing 123 E-Filing.
- Mary Miskelly 5 4 months ago
Such an easy tool to use and submit VAT. I would highly recommend this to all those who are keen to be on HMRC MTD Journey!
- SAI KIRAN REDDY ARVA 5 6 months ago
Very happy with the process - it all went very smoothly. I was anticipating set-up issues with my very first filing under MTDfV, but everything worked perfectly first time.
- Mike Hill 5 6 months ago
Amazing Software... Really straight forward and easy to use. Happy to use it :)
- ALI'S INN LTD 5 5 months ago
This is the first time I have used your software for submission. I contacted the online support just to clarify how I uploaded my completed VAT return and they were very helpful - sending me a guidance link. I think I was just panicking but it was a very easy process and I am very satisfied. Thank you 123 e-filling.
- Gail Sykes 5 6 months ago
Would be easier if I could cut & paste into spreadsheet. Otherwise easy to use. Thanks
- Simon Page 4 3 hours ago
easy to use
- Troy Dyson 5 5 hours ago
All good!
- Ben Lord 5 5 hours ago
Good service
- Anne Rutland 4 8 hours ago
- Michael Heaney 5 9 hours ago
- Alex Osman 3 10 hours ago
very good
- steve addlesee 5 10 hours ago
Easy process and free!
- Paul Hollander 4 11 hours ago
Very straight forward thank you.
- Jenifer Richmond 5 23 hours ago
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