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123 e-filing made filing my Uk tax returns very easy and straightforward. I purchased the "assisted" package and the team were very responsive. Amjad called me back promptly and quickly answered my few questions. I am based in the US so I sent him my draft returns overnight and when I got back to my desk in the am , he had reviewed and corrected them and they were ready to file. I was extremely satisfied with the service although , admittedly, my returns are very straightforward.
- Caroline Merison 5
Did 2 returns in under 1 hour with no need to download unwanted additional software - very pleased with ease of use and price
- Clare Fielding 5
I am totally new to self assessment and I was very nervous about my first submission but thanks to your website which is easy to follow and not to mention the instant messaging to answer any questions. Many thanks - Tijani Souaissi
- Tijani Souaissi 5
Great service from the online chat -however there were lots of boxes I couldn't complete myself as they appeared not to be reponsive to numerals. I was told it was my browser but I have never had any problems of a similiar kind previously .
- Anthony Allen 4
Simple , effective, efficient...loved it (well as much as you can love completing a Tax Return).
- Linda O'Donoghue 5
The 123 E Filing system turned out ok eventually , after tracking what the ERROR Codes referred to . I am sure I will manage the process better next year , now . The response from the Help Line via email by Amjad .... was most helpful .
- John Brown 4
happy with details information
- manish basantani 4
123 E-filing have made the process really easy for me and they have also saved me money, so I will use their services again.
- Mary Judah 5
Easy and helpful
- Marcello Coppola 5
Very satisfied,thank you
Easy to use.
- Alison Topham 4
- Christopher Ewer 4
great chat support, quick
- Fernando Suarez 5
- Antonis Violaris 5
Mostly good
- Jeremy Dyson 4
This was my first timing using 123efiling and so I had many questions about the form. There was some form wording, like not repeating "tax-resident" but just saying: "resident" which confused me as to what it was asking for and I had to check on with the e-filing team. When the error messages came up, they didn't take me directly to the error, I had to click through to find which was a little time-consuming, equally, it wasn't easy to be sure to what they were referring. But the e-filing support team were great helping me with all my form questions when I couldn't get it to work! Thank you for your help and advice throughout.
- Alexandra Rutter 4
Easy to use, received HMRC confirmation of receipt straight away.
- Carol Tong 5
forms quite easy to complete but registration to compelte online via was very difficult as living abroad and letter didn't arrive in time 3 times
- Daniel Bowden 2
Very good. Getting used to it :-)
- Karsten Flensborg 5
Very good.
- Karsten Flensborg 5
really easy to use!
- John White 5
- Roman Townsend 5
- Roman Townsend 3
- XIN DU 5
I am not sure that I even need to submit a UK tax return, given that I am a non-UK resident, a non-UK national, do not have UK origin domicile and only have adjusted profit of GBP 67 from a partial share of a UK rental property and no other UK-source income. Could you kindly advise. Thank you.
- Tahir Ali 5

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Simple to use and helpful assistant on "Chat" when I had a query...... The Business "Description" box would eb better to include more characters...
- Elaine Hall 5
Thanks for making the process so simple, and especially thank you Amjad for your guidance through this process.
- Nicole Rawson 5
This was very easy to use and the notes explaining what each box was made it much clearer
- Anne Whitfield 5
- Gary Smith 5
Lost passwords
- Karen Bointon 4
- Zoe Conboy 5
easy straight forward return
- michael hunter 5
first rate exercise
- Christopher Milton 5
- Zoe Conboy 3
- Nigel Potter 5
Pretty straightforward. Last page of form needs to be adjusted so it's easier to navigate (one of the questions formatting appears all over the place)
- Navin Seneviratne 5
Very good
- Sahar mouratis 5
After difficulty actually getting in the service was easy to use.
- Piers Willcock 4
very easy to use
- Karen hay 5
- Craig Ellis 5
nice and easy to do
- A Cars 5
- Barbara Collins 4
- Mandy Farrar 5
- Miriam Finch 5
Very good
- Marisa Lynn Pitt 5
as discussed with online chat support
- karla joy cherry-daniels 3
Nice and simple but would have liked an option before submission to see what the return looked like to check over.
- Rebecca Elderton 4
Great system
- Paula Hardisty 5
No idea what im doing
- Sean O'Neill 3
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