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123 e-filing made filing my Uk tax returns very easy and straightforward. I purchased the "assisted" package and the team were very responsive. Amjad called me back promptly and quickly answered my few questions. I am based in the US so I sent him my draft returns overnight and when I got back to my desk in the am , he had reviewed and corrected them and they were ready to file. I was extremely satisfied with the service although , admittedly, my returns are very straightforward.
- Caroline Merison 5 3 months ago
Excellent value for money and customer service!
- Rina Wen 5 4 months ago
A very satisfied customer and probably the best 50 pound I have ever spent. 123 e-filing made filing my tax return very easy and straightforward and gave me some valuable advice that saved me hundreds of pounds. Special thanks to Amjad, I am very grateful for your help and advise If you are in doubt who to use for your tax return I highly recommend 123-filing. Will definitely be back next year.
- Phil Castle 5 1 month ago
As simple (nearly) as 123. Many thanks!
- Guillaume Cazals 5 1 month ago
I think the software is well designed and it was worth paying 50 pounds for the expert advice given that I am currently a US resident for tax purposes too.
- Henry Philip 4 1 month ago
Absolutely fantastic experience again this year. Sought help from the support team, and they were as prompt, efficient and professional as ever. Thank you ever so much for everyone involved in providing such outstanding service.
- Natalia Russkina 5 1 month ago
Very simple for a first time taxpayer.
- Karolina Banasiak 5 1 month ago
Very happy with your service. Both "Chat help" and Amjad from accounting team were very helpful. Without Amjad's guidance we would not have been able to complete the forms correctly. We did have a problem with submitting the forms but that was an issue with receiving activation codes late after they expired etc.. But it is all finally all sorted now and we have managed to submit the forms successfully. Thank you once again for you help and assistance.
- andrew morrison 5 1 month ago
I'm a none resident landlord and as such have difficulty choosing the appropriate software each year, this product is easy to use and costs very little in comparison to alternative providers. thank you
- Benjamin Ducker 5 2 months ago
Amjad was very quick to respond and incredibly helpful. Absolutely Fantastic Service! I have just sent your website link with a recommendation to another 4 non-resident expat friends.
- Andrew Styles 5 2 months ago
Absolutely fantastic service. Very very satisfied. I thought my situation (with moving abroad) was quite complicated, but Amjad made it look extremely simple. Once we got to the bottom of the weird way I'd been taxed on things by my employer, it all worked out. Very happy customer. Hopefully HMRC won't be after me again, but if they do come after me, I know exactly who to call!
- Adam Hargreaves 5 1 month ago
Amazing software for Non UK Resident. User friendly and simple.
- Craig Robert Farley 5 1 month ago
i have to say this site is great, the chat box is a wonderful idea/addition that has been a great help to have. the support i have received today has been excellent and i have found it has made the process easier for me. thank you for replying promptly and professionally to all my queries. many thanks
- thomas wimbledon 5 1 month ago
Excellent service and on-line support. Thank you
- gerwyn harkett 5 2 months ago
excellent. great, easy, quick system. fast customer feedback, detailed answers. can't fault it. well done and thank you
- Ben Thomson 5 2 months ago
Wow, this was so easy. The accompanying notes for each line item were particularly useful. And the price is right!
- Paul Colwill 5 3 months ago
I am totally new to self assessment and I was very nervous about my first submission but thanks to your website which is easy to follow and not to mention the instant messaging to answer any questions. Many thanks - Tijani Souaissi
- Tijani Souaissi 5 3 months ago
Very easy to follow step by step. The "How To" video helped me through the final stages which weren't as clear. Would definitely use again and recommend to others who need the service.
- Chris Grimes 5 1 month ago
Instant response on live chat! It took me less than half an hour to have questions answered, reviewed and submitted!
- Hio Wai Ieong 5 1 month ago
I was so impressed with the speed and quality of response to my questions. This was a simple, efficient and great value service. Definitely recommended.
- Paul Brown 5 2 months ago
I really struggled to get the return submitted via the HMRC website but found it so much easier on your software. Thanks a ton.
- Christopher Backwell 5 2 months ago
The support from your team has been excellent. I live overseas and I had a number of queries, which I received help and assistance on very quickly. Thank you again Amjad! I will be using this 123 E-Filling again.
- Thoraya Riley 5 2 months ago
I was particularly grateful for the prompt response and professional advice provided by Amjad via email. I wish I had discovered this service before.
- Gianpietro Bertuglia 5 1 month ago
Fantastic- so easy to use as they say 123
- Sara Postings 5 1 month ago
Amjad was extremely helpful and knowledgable, thanks a lot!
- david frith 5 1 month ago

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A quick and easy way to submit my first tax return. Helpful video tutorials and online chat facility. I also like that you only pay a one off fee when you use the software rather than an annual fee. Thank you
- Mark Freeman 5 2 months ago
Brilliant software. Makes completing forms so much easier....
- Margaret Lawrence 5 1 month ago
Thanks for making the process so simple, and especially thank you Amjad for your guidance through this process.
- Nicole Rawson 5 3 months ago
Simple and easy to use, very happy with this service.
- Elaine Bound 4 2 months ago
- Miriam Finch 5 3 months ago
Really easy to use and hassle free. Great bit of software.
- Jamie Brown 5 1 month ago
very easy to use
- ian ettridge 5 2 months ago
second using this software and will definitely continue to use. makes it very easy and simple to do. thank you!
- Natalie Bamford 5 4 days ago
Lot more straight forward website than the HMRC one.
- Mark Benson 4 4 days ago
- Gail Martin 5 4 days ago
Easy to use
- Melanie Pickering 5 4 days ago
All straightforward.
- Andrew Charlton 5 4 days ago
Very easy system to use
- Gail Martin 5 4 days ago
Very Good.
- Alex Falconer 5 5 days ago
Good, easy
- Kevin Tomlin 5 5 days ago
- Alexandra Murphy 5 5 days ago
- James Standing 5 5 days ago
Very good
- Peter Wilson 5 5 days ago
Very straight forward
- Robert Maskall 5 5 days ago
tell you later
- paul Macdonald 3 5 days ago
Easy to use
- Kelly Jervis 5 6 days ago
- Stephen Hobson 4 6 days ago
Very helpful thanks
- Sophie Baldwin 5 1 week ago
the final page with tick boxes wasn't very clear, didn't work well on safari
- rebecca leyland 4 1 week ago
Very good easy to use affordable service. 5 stars.
- Kim Kirkpatrick 5 1 week ago
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